Since starting to read blogs again, I found this wonderful blog named A Joyful Chaos written by a woman with an Amish background. Since I am Mennonite I immediately connected with that, since the two cultures have many things in common. Anyway she wrote a blog post out of the following prompts and I thought I would join her.

Reading ...  is something I rarely do these days. Not sure if it's social media or being to distracted from work/household and other things going on, but currently I am not reading anything. I have discovered audio books. More on that below....

Writing ...  this blog. Another thing I hope to have more time for, once I retire next month. I also write a journal about mayor events that happen in my life. Not the day to day, but things I want to remember.

Listening ... to the dishwasher and the air conditioner. What would we do without?! Also starting to like audio books. Currently listening to the bible being read to me. It brings it all into a different perspective. 

Ejoying.... watching this little guy discover new and exciting things, like bubbles.

Thinking ... what I will do first, when I quit my job. Probably some deep cleaning of my house. Each room needs to have stuff sorted and brought to Goodwill. 

Wishing ... a number of different things, but mostly my wishes are concerning travel and where to next. :)  Also wishing for my daughter who is looking for a different job and I wish for her to find something soon.

Hoping ... that my other daughters morning sickness will be over soon. She is feeling very lousy. Also hoping for a long winter, with cool weather this year.

Wearing ... a tshirt and Capri's. My summertime "uniform".

Loving ... the great weather we are having. Also loving preparing for our next travel destination! A week in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Soon! YEAH!

Wanting ... to surprise my best friend with a perfect birthday gift, tomorrow night. Hopefully she will like it. Me and the other lady friends in our group bought her a big travel suitcase. She was always borrowing one from someone and we decided she needed to have her own. She is separated from her husband and is struggling to make ends meet, so it was not something that was high on her "to purchase" list. Her parents live in Brazil, so she needs a suitcase at least once year, when she goes to visit them.

Needing ... to loose weight!! Something that is becoming more and more pressing! :(

Feeling ... out of control and frustrated weight wise. I feel very uncomfortable at the weight where I am right now, and I know I NEED to do something about it. What I need is a kick in the buttocks and a good talking to......I'm at an age, where I don't do well with diet plans, I know myself well enough to know I won't stick to it. So exercise is the only answer. And so that is what I am planing on doing! 

Remembering... the great family trip we had to a hotel in the eastern part of Paraguay a few weeks ago. We enjoyed some much needed days of R and R.

2018 The year of changes

Happy New Year everyone!

This new year is starting out being a little scary for me. It will bring a HUGE change, and I'm a little afraid of what it will be like, not to have to be at work at 7 in the morning anymore. Questions keep running through my mind like, what will I do with myself aaaaallll day? Will I be bored? Will I miss my work? Or colleagues? What will I challenge my mind with, when I have no more office work to do? Will I become lazy and even fatter?  Where will I get "spending money" from, when I don't get my own salary anymore?
These and similar questions keep going through my head. Sometimes I think I need to look for another part time job, then I tell myself NO. I wanted this. I need to be able to get to know myself. I need to accept the fact, that that part of my life is ending. That a NEW phase has started and that I should focus on that. Even though I will very much miss my colleagues and my work (it was interesting and challenging), I need to find new meaning for this part of my life now.

I do have something to look forward to though.

As of August of this year, this little guy will become a big brother! YEAH!!! We are very excited and happy for them!!

So I'm sure that will keep me busy. And this time I will have all the time in the world to babysit and spoil the little one. 
I guess it's a good thing I started to crotchet this afghan. It will come in handy for the "winter baby".

So, I hope you all had a good celebration into the new year and are ready for all the challenges it may hold. I for one, am very curious and eager to get this new year started. :)

Happy New Year!